Outshine Your Resume Work Experience Section

The work experience section of a resume has a powerful impact on recruiters and hiring managers. This section determines either the candidate will be an asset to the company or not.

The work experience section is a primary resume part. When employers ask for a resume, they basically mean work experience. According to reports, 2/3 recruiters are most likely to see the work experience section first on a resume.

In this article, you will see:

  • Which resume work experience outshines
  • How to write outshining resume work experience section
  • Resume work experience pro-samples

First, have a look at the sample below.

Stunning, right? I have written it for one of my clients. Let’s break it down to see what makes it a killer work experience.

Which Resume Work Experience Outshines?

Recruiters receive hundreds and thousands of resumes for a single job vacancy and every resume has a typical work experience section with an average description. According to a Ladder’s report, recruiters spent 7–8 seconds on a resume and we spent weeks on writing our resume so it fits the job requirements. See the below example of a routine resume work experience section of a waiter which is most likely to be rejected.

But don’t worry, I will share my tips and tricks which I use to write stunning resume work experience descriptions which landed jobs for my clients.

An outshining resume has not only details of what a candidate did in past jobs but also how that candidate benefited the past companies. This resume has all quantifiable and verifiable achievements written specifically to pass ATS scanning and to grab the recruiters attention. Let’s improvise the above sample work experience description:

How to Write Resume Work Experience Section

Let’s use these tips to write resume work experience.

Resume Work Experience Samples

I hope this article was insightful. Share and like this article so others can also benefit. I would like to hear your thought, comment them down below.

If you need a job landing resume, use my services.

Best Wishes,

Farhan Ahmed



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