Getting my hands muddy for Pakistan


It was the first outdoor project in Foster Flagship Training. Our coordinator divided us into 9 teams each with 3 members. From my experience of teamwork, I applied my learning here.

I gathered my teammates and the first thing I said to them was to choose a leader. They elected me as their leader. This outdoor project was to plant 5 trees by each teammate within a week’s deadline.

The step I took was I gathered some planation tutorials on how to plant trees and look after them until there are grown up. I shared these videos with my team. This was our day first (Monday).

On the second day (Tuesday), a virtual meeting was arranged because my teammates lived at distinct places and were from different universities. It was difficult for us to meet in a physical location. So our virtual meeting agenda was to decide the planting site, time and day. We also decided what plants we would buy and what tools to bring for the plantation. Our meeting ended on this concluded note of that on Thursday 10:00 AM at Iqbal Park we will gather and complete this project.

Our third day (Wednesday) was our buying plants day and we bought five olive seedlings for each member.

The fourth day. Our plantation day. We all gathered at our spite before the decided time. We first visited the park managing authority to ask for guidance on where we can plant. The authority not only appreciated us but also provided us with staff as helping hands. We went to that site. Together with staff, we planted 15 olive seedlings within 2 hours. Finally, we had completed our project.

I am with my teammate Hafsa digging holes for plants with park staff | ahmedfarhanraja

I was tired and happy at the end. I tried because the day was blazing hot and it was a bit difficult to dig the holes. But the happiness this project brought was satisfying, felt like we made our little contribution to the environment. We went to the water pump to get our muddy hands and tools cleaned.

This project taught me how to remain calm and keep the team on track. Though I am not good at blogging thanks for reading. My hero and I mean it. 2 week ended. I will soon share my experiences from the 3 week. Stay tuned.

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