My 1st business idea resembled my drawing

Coming up with a unique business idea that not only sells but solves a problem people face. This activity in Foster Flagship Training was interesting and when a 10 minutes limit was applied to it, it got challenging.

This activity was the part of Idea generation and design thinking session. Mr Hannan was our mentor, what a remarkable person and a good human being. Hannan briefed us on how to idea generation and entrepreneurship. He said and I quote “entrepreneurship is finding solutions to society problems that sell”.

We were divided into teams according to our surname first alphabet. I was in a team of 5. Time is always there. We were given 10 minutes to execute this activity. Everyone presented their ideas and with constructive feedback, we all determined which idea can be good enough where the whole team can agree.

I am enjoying writing about my experience and I hope so you are enjoying it too. If not, bear with me. I am a newbie blogger. You can say. Thanks.

So coming back. The team I presented and my team agreed. The idea was a solution to a problem most people face they waste a lot of time searching for discounts, sales and coupons on the e-store. So why not we would create an app that gathers all the discounted offers, sales and coupons in one place. We can earn a small compensation from made purchases, affiliate marketing and an upgrade paid feature that notify the user, who purchased it, instantly when there is a time and sales limited offers.

10 minutes were over. Each member from every team came and presented their idea. We chose our teammate who was afraid of public speaking. We encouraged her and so clapped whenever she got confused.

When all teams are done, Hannan told us to draw the sketch of our coordinator within 5 minutes. Hannan told us that the sketch of the coordinator we drew were our business ideas and the real coordinator was the actual refined idea and we have to reach that.

It was an interesting learning experience. Our 2nd week of Foster Flagship Training ended with an outdoor project of tree plantation.

Thanks for reading. You are my hero and I mean it.

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