My 2 year of university life and I learned these

PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi by Umar Burney

Finally, half way through my bachelor degree. These 2 years of university life have given me an in-depth exposure which I will be sharing with you because sharing is caring.

The first day as if it was yesterday preserved in my memory. That feeling of not knowing where I exactly going made me terrified. I started to doubt the decision of pursing university degree. Why this course? Why this university? What will happen next? It made me that baby bird which fell from the nest and own it is on its own. Falling from a nest where I knew only few people I call friends to a place full of strangers made me frightened. I felt lost.

Today, as I write about those times, I figure where these 2 years have gone. An unexpected event changes the whole life setup. Going to university is that event for me. It shaped me into an independent person ready to face challenges.

I learnt that I was living in a fool’s paradise of “a happy life with no worries”. University life taught me of not setting limits to what I can do and not keeping myself in a comfort zone rather this limited comfort zone was actually a cage.

It taught me that there is no perfect life but actually persistently facing and being resilient towards unexpected changes, challenges and problems increases our mindset threshold. In future such challenges won’t disturb us as our threshold has increased and hence leading to a perfect life.

I became comfortable with this new environment because I learnt that everyone is just scared as I was and it made easier for me make new friends. With passage of time I started to own this strange environment.

It took me some time to adjust but as time passed by my adjustability time decreased from months to weeks and now it’s in days. I still need improvement in it. With each day my puzzled university life started to come together and I started to see a clear path with balanced academic, social and personal life.

I did number of disasters but failures are actually the discovering the ways that do not lead to success. Each day I got better and with each day I get better.

At first I didn’t like group activities, presentations as I didn’t like them in school and college. But university taught me that I cannot survive alone and I cannot succeed alone. My first group project was like moving on a mine field. One wring step and boom. With time I learnt to understand others people context and views, being inclusive, flexible and patient. I experienced that though I can run fast alone but I can run longer with team.

Oh, Thanks for staying with me during this time. You are my hero.

About my academics, I was too focused on them in school and college but in university I created balance.

If I am given a chance to change my past, well I won’t avail it. My past built me what I am now and I am happy with it plus I have you. This is what “Self-Reflection” I learnt from Foster Learning Pakistan.

Thanks again, my hero. We will meet again. Before leaving I have an advice for you (actually for me too).

Challenges will come but as we conquered them in past we will do it again. Keep doing because future favors the doers.



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