Learning Teamwork from Spaghettis Tower

Working in a team is my favourite skill. It is inspiring to be around people of different mentality but everyone working for team success.

Our mentor for 2nd week in Foster Flagship Training was Mr Hannan, a remarkable person and a good human. He inspired me. Hannan briefed us on teamwork and communication. After it, he split us into 9 teams of 4 members. The activity was building a tower with spaghetti, marshmallow and a limited tape in 10 minutes.

When time started. Every teammate tried their best but we couldn’t succeed. Time ended and our tower was waiting to be either built or cooked.

After the activity, Hannan told us reasons why we couldn’t make it. He said our first failure was not choosing a leader and our second failure was not dividing tasks among members. But as it is said failures help us identify the ways which do not lead to success.

Now I know what should be the initial steps when it comes to teamwork. I will be sharing more of my learning experiences with you. Thanks for reading. You are my hero and I mean it.

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Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed


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