If you want to be a leader then you must read this!

First, let's clear the confusion about leadership. It is not giving orders, not authority, power and it is not making people work under you. Leadership is the name of serving all without any discrimination, keeping yourself low in front of weak, great patience, determination and most importantly not caring for “I” and “Myself”.

If you want to be a leader you should have certain qualities but the influential one is discussed here which you must possess if you are either leading a team or a future leader. Doesn’t matter your effective communication, your wisdom, and your authority. People are not going to follow you until you do not have the ability of “working hard for them without any pay or reward”. When you have to face negative criticism, bullies, the accusation of being a liar and attacks on your self-esteem but instead of all these, you have to work for them for their benefits and betterment without any advantage to yourself. It sounds easy while reading and only possible in movies but it is as difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic. But as covid got the vaccination so do this difficulty has a solution. Start “volunteering” work, join any non-profit organization, foundations, charity work or start on your own like collecting money for poor & needy, for endangered animals or tree plantation etc. You have to go door-to-door, asking everyone even those whom you don’t like or who don’t like you, most of the times you will hear “No” & “Liar” but you have to stick with your goal because you are doing it for a great cause. From this, you will learn an important lesson of leadership and if you cannot do this then my friend leadership is not for you.

Thanks for reading my blog. If you have any suggestions comment them down below. I would love to read them and it will help me in improving.



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