Five things to know for becoming the Best Friend

We are social animals, can’t live alone that’s why we need people’s help. Among these people, there is a category named “The Best Friend”. This person stands with us in every storm, has our back! No matter the situation, always focusing on the positive attributes that make us shine and ability to read our mind before the words pop out of our mouth.

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To have that person, you should know five things which I mentioned here in the form of questions.

Q1: What is the happiest moment of their life?

You will know to tickle their funny bone and triggering a belly-aching laugh. If you got this then they will always enjoy your presence and will always wanna be with you.

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Q2: What is the unhappiest moment of their life?

You will learn what is best for them and how to protect them from harm even from their own bad decisions. Jimi Hendrix may have said this for a best friend

“I stand up next to a mountain, I chop it down with the edge of my hand.”

Q3: What motivates them to get up early in the morning?

You will become their cheerleader. You will learn what is their motivation and when they are sad you will come with a HUG and that motivation. This will strengthen your bond.

Q4: Who is the important person in their life?

You will comprehend that what qualities and characteristics make a person important to them. This part is much helpful as it is the best quality of the best friend. If you got this, they will feel secure in sharing their secrets, fears and deep thoughts with you.

Q5: Describe the best friend.

An essential part of calculating their preferences for having the best friend, their mentality and desires.

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At the end do not forget to give them a hug that’s all we need when we are sad or emotional.

Thanks for reading. I would like to hear suggestions from you on having the best friend.



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