Can I become a Leader?

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If I were the president, I would have done this, or if I were the CEO of the company, I would have done that. There are many “if” but two questions arise in my mind. One “Is leadership means a specific position?” and second “Can I become a Leader?” The answer to the first question is “No”. Because when I think of Aristotle and Dr Muhammad Iqbal born with poor families’ background and had no specific position led masses of people and reinvigorated them just by their charismatic leadership. So any specific position is not necessary for leadership. Answer to the second question is “Yes”, I can be a leader and even you can be.

How and what is leading me to be a leader in overcoming my weaknesses first. For that I did much work like till high school, I was afraid of talking in front of people or across the table even in my friends, fighting for right as I even couldn’t argue with local transport conductor for overcharging the fair, giving my opinion, telling my decision, afraid doing what I like and people’s comments on it as I like to wear pant shirt but once some boys made fun of me and I stopped wearing it and afraid of raising my voice for myself. I remember once my father said me to do something but I don’t like it so I said “No” (actually I said it in my mind because I love my life as much you do) I actually said yes. But one day I encouraged myself and said no. My legs were shaking at that time but fortunately, my mother was there. After that day finding myself alive I got confidence and now I can take a stand for myself, can talk across table and among people whom I do not know, I can wear whatever I like, I see people’s feedback as an opportunity for improvement. I am also a group leader of my university class, it’s the beginning. First, if we continue to fight to weaknesses then we are eligible to become a leader if we cannot stand for ourselves, how can we stand for others?

Thanks for reading my first blog. Let me know if any improvement is needed and your feedback will help me in improving my blogging skills and would love to come up with new ideas.

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Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed


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