Are your communication skills worthless, Here’s why?

Communication? And effectively?

First thing you should know that there aren’t any short cuts, tips, techniques or tricks to be an effective communicator. So, can you communicate effectively, here’s how?

Imagine those people whom you cannot bear to talk even for five mins, why? Because they talk senseless, start arguing, trying to dominate the discussion or keep saying Uhm, Hmm. Now think of yourself, aren’t you making these same mistakes? If yes then there is need of correction.

To have effective communication between or among people to whom you enjoy asking questions and they find interesting answering these, you first need to develop their interest in discussion. Start your discussion with “ice-breakers”, for that you need observations, effective listening (And there is difference between listening & hearing). Observe people, observe their interests and then mould your topic of discussion into their type of interests.

Best communicators know how to ask questions, how to change the track of discussion or putting their point into discussion without making others to feel bad. They have learning attitude not earning attitude, they silently listen to others with patience and keen focus. When they sense argue if they present their own point so they change the that track by agreeing with others with “But” following. Like “I agree with you but” or “You are absolutely saying right but”. In this way, other sense respect and pay attention. Effective communicators have honesty in their talk, are problem solvers, good listeners, keen observers, optimistic and humble.

So, obey one law if you want to be an effective communicator that is the “Law of paying the price”. There aren’t any shortcuts or tips that can make you a best communicator but need to work on it, have to go through it.

“Communication worth for those, who worth at it”

Don’t forget to give me your feedback it would help me improving. See you soon



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Farhan Ahmed

Farhan Ahmed


I do try to help my audience find me by being clear about who I am and what they can expect from me. To make myself more findable, I use hashtags in posts