4 ways to outstand your resume work experience

We all know the purpose of the resume work experience section is to showcase your experience history to your future employer.

Recruiters and hiring managers are well aware of what are the duties of certain job titles. So it is waste of time to include just the job description in the work experience section.

Your future employers are interested in accomplishments you had during your prior job and how you will utilize your skills to profit their organizations.

So don’t be generic. Be specific.

  1. Specify with Numbers
  • Led a social media campaign that increased enrollment by 500 students in 3 years.
  • Created 30+ marketing email templates resulted in high sales.
  • Performed 80–100 cold calls and turned 55% of cancelled orders into successful sales.
  • Provided administrative support to 20 office team members.
  • Organized and managed off — sites events for 450 employees.
  • Arranged motivational lectures after every 6-month period for 5 years to build employee morale and confidence.
  • Designed and managed 25+ WordPress websites.

2. Specify with Percentage

  • Maintained customer satisfaction at 90% for 3 years.
  • Arranged office events at economical sites, saved 20% annually.
  • Increased employee productivity by 15% by arranging training sessions.
  • Generated 65% sales by effectively managing the company’s social media campaign.
  • Reduced IT project cost to 65% by hiring freelancers.
  • Exceeded sales target by 20%
  • Decreased travel expenses by 33% through organized planning.

3. Specify with the Currency Amount

  • Generated $45,000 donations in a 6-month social media campaign.
  • Managed a $4 million marketing budget for 3 years.
  • Saved 20,000 annual on office supplies through effective negotiation and establishing new contracts with vendors.
  • Earned $30,000 in 5-month freelancing work.
  • Increased unit sales goals by 230% that generated $80,000 revenue in 5-months.
  • Sold affiliate seminar tickets with an average price point of $200.

4. Specify with first, only, best etc.

  • Only admin assistant in the company to save 44% expenses on meetings.
  • First project manager at XYZ that completed project in 65% of the estimated budget.
  • Highest tip receiving waitress in Z food restaurant chain.
  • “Top seller of the Year 2019” in the west coast CSR industry.

Through these four ways, your resume will outstand from the resume piles which simplest have generic job duties listed. Number, quantity catches the eye. Be different because employers want to hire someone who makes the difference.

Read my article on Outshine Your Resume Work Experience Section for more useful tips.

If you find this article insightful, do share it with your community so they can also benefit. Write your resume work description in the comment section and I will reply with my suggestions on how to improve it, ASAP!!!



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