4 Advices I Needed to Know as A First Step Towards Success.


A day before the Foster Flagship session, our coordinator Mr. Anwar messaged a voice note in a group chat “Tomorrow is something special”. Foster Learning’s every session is full of surprises. But receiving Mr. Anwar’s voice note made me curious. Our session was on Business models. What else could be?

Morning. I reached in session before time and was having a conversation with fellows, I noticed a familiar face was coming from a distance. It was Rumayle — our guest mentor for this week’s session.

Foster Learning Pakistan | ahmedfarhanraja

Rumayle began the session with his introduction and his story about Foster Learning (from being Foster Learning’s Fellow to its instructor). I will be sharing four of his valuable bits of advice with you (because you’re my hero).

  • Degree vs Skill: What happened in Covid? Many lost jobs. Those with just degrees remained unemployed. But those having skills started their businesses and online niches.
  • “Why”: It is a specific thing (anything) for which you can work day and night and don’t get tired. It does not matter if you are getting paid for it or not. It will take some time to find your “why”. Some people find it in weeks or months. Some take years. It’s okay. The only thing matters are “keep looking for it”.
  • What will people say? It’s a monster eating you from inside. Don’t waste your time on pleasing as people cannot be pleased. Embrace yourself. Embrace who you are.
  • Me vs others: It is different from “what will people say”. It is “what’s in it for me?” People always think about self-benefit in every step they take and every work they do. BUT this won’t make you successful but selfish. Learn the attitude of “what’s in it for others”.
Foster Learning Pakistan | ahmedfarhanraja

Just these four pieces of advice can lead anyone towards the success path. Just be honest to yourselves. Embarrass who you are and be proud.

One important thing. It’s the inner circle tip. No one cares about you but yourself.

Thanks for reading my blog. You are my true hero. What is the unforgettable advice you have? I would love to know. Give me a clap. Subscribe to my newsletter and see you in the next blog.



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